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kerry was on tour to discuss the syrian crisis when he was summoned to answer some questions. >> these kinds of practices between partners that violate privacy are totally unacceptable. we must quickly assure that these practices aren't repeated. >> reporter: united in anger last week 28 heads of the european union countries gathered for what was supposed to be a discussion about the growing syrian refugee crisis. france and germany announced bilateral talks with the u.s. over the goal of dispute of electronic surveillance at the end of the year. once again at the center of a wiretapping supervisor is former nsa contractor edward snowdon. but this is not the first time that snowdon has leaked classified information about tapping ally communications. just la month brazil's president postponed a state visit to the u.s. over revelations that the nsa has spied on her. but house committee chairman mike rogers said our european allies should be thankful for keeping them secure from outside threats. >> if th their citizens knew what it was about they would be popping the shame cork.
in 1910. secretary of state john kerry said that government shutdown dysfunction watching jen has hurt america's standing in the world paid his remarks came during the center for american progress tenth anniversary conference. it's 20 minutes. [inaudible conversations] >> the ladies and gentlemen please welcome the center for american progress president neera tanden. [applause] >> thank you very much. we have had a great afternoon. it is my great honor to introduce secretary kerry who i have to say just came from the plane literally just drove over from the plane because he has been in europe. obviously handling the countries greatest national security challenges. he has done an amazing and the whirlwind nine months he has been in office so we are thrilled to have him. he is rushing off after here to go to a meeting at the white house so we are really thrilled he was able to be here with us. he has been working at the center for american progress from a hole set of issues. we are thrilled to have him as my great honor to him -- welcome secretary kerry. [applause] >> thank you. neera th
. it was at the midland beach neighborhood. >> kerry drew live in staten island. thank you. >>> two florida girls go to court today for allegedly bullying 12-year-old rebecca is heed southbounding /* /- sedwig so badly she took her life. she jumped to her death after she was tormented in person and on-line for nearly a year. >>> new insight into frantic moments before the costa concordia sank off ofity tal lae last year. he is said to have cried out, madonna what have i done as the cruise ship hits the rock. they clachlz too slow in ta-- t say he was too slow taking action. >>> country super star jason alde aldean's tour bus driver hit and killed a man in indiana. albert kennedy walked out into the middle of the road apparently and was hut by that bus. al dean was the only badge on board at the time. the singer released a statement to kennedy's family saying, in all of the years i have been touring and all of the mails we have driven nothing prepares you for something like this to happen. i am praying to for albert kennedy and friends today. >> the sheriff said no charges would be filed calling thi
for wednesday at 5:00. kerry kerrion is planning that event. she did not know the teen personally but is tired. >> people are feeling suspicious in some way. >> reporter: people have been handing out fliers about the marchs this week. we're told that sheriff steve perez will be meeting with the latino advisory committee and a department representative says the goal is to help for ways to deal with the healing process and make sure this never happens again. allie rasmus, ktvu news. >>> new at 10:00, oakland's search for a permanent police chief. however only a handful of people gathered for the meeting at castlemont high school. they want police to focus on homicide hoes but also other crimes like home invasions and robberies. one person says it's a given that oakland needs more officers but it questions how officers are allocated. >> there's a lot of police officers that show up and stand around. this is standing around and doing nothing. >> reporter: jordan steps down in may of this year. tonight's community meeting is the first of three who are scheduled together input from the community. >>
kerry for the warm introduction. i'm sorry. let me thank dave for that incredibly warm introduction. heard, dave is someone who tells it like it is. he did remarkable work in service to his country at a time of great crisis. he continues to serve his country well by telling us in washington what is really happening, what we need to focus on, and it continues to be a tremendous partner and leader for all of you. apologize that the real shaun donovan could not be here this morning and so i, his father, will be filling in today. sean is still trying to find the easter egg roll over at the white house and has not been able to. i am sure he will get over here as quickly as he possibly can. his by reallybegin focusing on how important this organization, the mortgage -- mortgage bankers association, has been in this time of crisis. you play a critically important nation,our economy, our and, it is such an honor to be here this morning to kick off your annual conference, especially as you celebrate this milestone anniversary. members of this organization have seen extraordinary w
the kind of thing john kerry did, the kind of thing mitt romney did. when you start seeing hunting season, you're looking at a guy running for president. i know it sounds wacko, but only in this country would the wacko birds make their bones by being seen with rifle and cam mow or whatever this guy's wearing. >> you know, we've been talking for weeks about the ongoing civil war in the republican party. and a lot of viewers out there might believe it's too early to start discussing 2016. >> i do too. until now. >> but, indeed, all this tension within the republican party is being played out within the early 2016 contest. context. and what you have here is really a fight -- sort of two fights here. one is a fight for who can be the wackiest of the wacko birds and get that wing of the party. the wacko wing of the party seems to be the strongest now. and the other question is is there anybody on the right, you know, the sane, pro-business, whatever republicans who can put that to rest. whether it's chris christie or someone else. just the other day you saw rick santorum who probably wanted to
is accusing republicans of playing politics with the issue. >>> secretary of state john kerry may travel to egypt in the coming weeks we hear. it would be his first trip there since president mohammed morsi was ousted by the military last summer. ties between washington and cairo have been strained since then. the u.s. recently withholding $260 million in cash aid and military weapons pending egypt's progress on democracy and on human rights. >>> they are picking up the pieces this morning after one of the most powerful storms in years, which has battered great britain and western europe. at least 13 people were killed. pretty amazing pictures here. hundreds of thousands left without power. paralyzing storm forced the cancellation of trains, planes, ferries on monday because of winds reaching hurricane force. >> look at that! >> crazy, right? >> you don't usually see this type of thing in western europe. they get it once every 20 years or so. gusts of 99 miles per hour were reported south of england this is in belgium here. clearly the people there not used to it and not sure what to do
to have that last answer. mary agnes kerry from health news. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> the mother of trayvo trayvonn said that the laws need to be changed. but others say the laws make possible the right to self defense. her son was killed by george zimmerman, the man who sparked the debate stand your ground law. >>> tom foley was honored with a memorial service in congress. the democrat served 30 years as a house of representative. he served as speaker of the house from 1990 to 1995. president obama and clinton attended today's ceremony. >> good afternoon, i'm meteorologist kvin corriveau. well, today it feels like winter in the west and the north, and it feels like spring and early fall in the southeast and the east. let's break it down a little bit for you because this is the time of year where we get a lot of changes in the atmosphere and that's exactly what we have here. a lot of rain. we have mixed precipitation which is dangerous. we're talking about freezing rain, especially in the overnight hours. that's where we see some of these pinks as wel
has drawn up to this country is quite innovative. secretary of state john kerry absolutely knows the issues and as i'd think does president obama. we have no other option. we have to find the political will to gather and move forward -- together and move forward. >> the argument against john, change is we're losing jobs in a troubled economy. >> and that is a false juxtaposition. as we move to low carbon, and it actually will be job creating. give figures. there are more green jobs being created than other sectors. we have to recognize it is very important that it is a just tradition. we work closely with the trade union movement. they are looking to pension funds to invest in futures that are good for everybody, renewable energies and others. we need a real sense that this is not a them or us, but all of us together. we think of the intergenerational injustice. i talked this morning about being a grandmother with grandchildren who would be in their 40s and 2050. what will they say to us? i said this often enough i cannot muster the echoes of their voices. at the moment, i hear t
. kerry mentioned that the fisa court -- that the fisa court approved the standard under which the government does -- that they thought abouted. what she didn't mention most of the query of the data base don't involve any evaluation of that standard. most of the -- query had no finding reasonable, the fisa court didn't know this for years. and yet that is the way the program was being conducted. so had the court known it might have been to be ask the right questions. it might have been to be stop what was essentially an unwaffled conduct based -- unlawfulled conduct based on it but it wasn't given the information. there are important reform in the works that would be helpful to reigning in these intelligence programs. one was already talked about the special advocate. the special advocate, though, he or she does more than argue the other side of the case. they have a role in transparency as well. the a special advocate as conceived in the legislation that has been introduced would have the ability to argue about the adequate sincerity of the opinions that the fisa court is rele
'm a bleeping steamroller and i'll roll over you and everybody else. even john kerry spoke to rolling stone about iraq, saying did i expect george bush to bleep it up as bad as he did? i don't think anybody did. but can you fault a president when he gets caught on his own tape swearing while watching football? >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: you know, you can almost swear these politicians are human the way they swear like the rest of us. jeanne moos, cnn. i really don't give a [ bleep ] whether they curse or not. new york. >>> happening now, a situation room special report, obama care under fire. breaking news. cnn uncovers a confidential report warning the obama care website, was it ready just weeks before it was launched? plus serious new questions about the hard sell. did he mislead the american people by making this promise? >> if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. period. >>> and a reality check on obama care sticker shock. many people who weren't happy about paying more may ac
of the men are still at large. nbc's kerry sanders has details on that. good morning to you. >> well, good morning, matt. two of them remain at large, but two others were picked up. the escapees found about 20 miles from here. they're back in the jail here this morning where there are now questions of how anyone could escape a jail that's only a year old and costs more than $8 million to build. >> reporter: back in custody and back in jail, thanks to investigators with the d.a.'s office who saw the men wet and hungry slipping into this convenience store where they bought $6 of junk food. >> they walked outside, and the cops, about ten of them, got them. >> reporter: from the outside the detention center where the inmates escaped looks like a fortress. no windows, razor wire, cameras. the four escaped through a trap door above the shower down a crawl space through a concrete wall and to freedom. embarrassing, in part, because the $8 million jail here is only a year old. >> they have a lot of explaining to do. new facility, state-of-the-art. someone definitely goofed up. >> reporter: this is
and cooperation among police forces and intelligence agencies, and senator kerry believes that, you know, when he said -- >> i think i got it. >> that's my question. >> i think it is the intent. this is also challenge and one of the battles we fight in congress. senator graham is on exact opposite sides of this. this is the controversy over how libya. -- mr. al-libi. they basically think we should hold and we should treat it as a war, military custody, they were progress about trying to say anyone we captured a fully with these groups should be in military custody here domestically. and basically the entire argument for that is that there is precedent that there some greater value that you can get out of questioning somebody in military custody and questioning them in a traditional law enforcement second. i debate that a little bit. i think the fbi has has success in getting information out of people in the traditional setting. even granting for the moment that maybe there's more information you can get out of the military custody setting, the downside of the perpetual war approach is what is bei
suspect secretary kerry and the president himself, diplomacy with these allied leaders. a lot of close friends are peeved and say this will affect relationships down the road. >> senator lindsey graham says he'll stahl all nominations until he gets more information on the attack in benghazi. it's been more than a year. what's lindsey graham trying to do here? >> is he trying to help his colleagues in the house. because the democrats control the senate. so there's not a serious benghazi investigation over on the senate side but there is on the house side. they have been frustrated. the white house says this is all partisanship. we spent some time on this. there are some people the committees want to talk to, other u.s. employees who are there, survived the attack, that the committee wants to talk to, through the state department, through the white house that has not been willing to send them up to testify. lindsey graham, says, fine, i'm going to block any nomination coming through the senate. it's his effort to force cooperation, significant in the sense that lindsey graham is someone
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)